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Phased & Confused: A guide

70 volts systems

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1. Who is StoreCom?
    StoreCom Equipment is a manufacturer of industrial intercoms. Originally started in Hutchinson, KS as             Communitron, StoreCom has been in business for over 40 years.
2. Where are you located?
    StoreCom is based in the city that gave us the Wright Brothers, Dayton Ohio. Our address is 1102 E. Dixie       Dr, West Carrollton OH 45449.
3. What hours are you open?
    We are in the office between 9:30am and 5:30pm EST. Monday through Friday. After hours please leave a     message on our answering machine or send us an email at
4. What brands do you manufacture?
    Communitron was the original brand name of StoreCom intercoms. We make Storecom or Stor-Com intercoms     with Aiphone and PageKom compatible units. Atlas Sound, the parent company of PageKom has decided to     no longer manufacture intercoms.
5. Can I become an authorized dealer?
    We don’t use authorized dealers for our products. Anyone can sell StoreCom brand intercoms.

1. What is the difference between systems?
    The difference in the 200 and 300 series is the simultaneous page. On a 200 system, if you are paging on one intercom and someone picks up another handset, that person’s voice will be going out over page also. A 300 series doesn’t have this problem. A PageKom system has a reversed polarity on the busy lights compared to a 300 series. A 300BPAU has the page tone (bong) and works only with SC-3s or Aiphone units.
2. What kind of amp should I get?
    Our intercoms work with a 70 volt system. The kind of amplifier most 70 volt system use is called a power amplifier. We like the Paso DMA2120. To figure out what size amp you need, do this calculation: # of speakers tapped at (.5W to 3W) total watts must be less than 80% of the capacity of your amp. For example, 15 speakers tapped at 1W is 15watts. I need at least a 20watt amplifier.
3. What wire should I run?
    The wire needed for the intercoms is just CAT5, telephone quad or any 3 pair wire. No shielding or ground is necessary. The intercoms are easily daisy chained with 1 or 2 home runs for ease in isolating a short. Speakers are run with regular speaker wire.
4. Can a SC-3 run on a 300BPA?
    No, an SC-3 can not run on either a 300BPA or 200BPA. The SC-3 is specially made to be compatible with the Aiphone MC-3 or MC-60 system. They only use 5 wires and a different paging system.
5. I have Electrets in my handsets and ordered Carbons in my replacements. Will they work?
    Most of the time the Electret and Carbon mics are compatible. Electrets are a crisper sound and the Carbons sound more natural. Some older system may have a problem with the Electret mics.

1. What tools do I need?
    You will need: a Phillips head screw driver, a pair of wire clippers, a pair of wire strippers, and possibly a voltmeter if there are any problems installing the unit.
2. How do I install an intercom?
    We have a video and installation manual.
3. How do I install a BPA?
   A page adaptor is simple to install as long as your remember the way the music flows. From your music source, a radio, tuner or mp3 player, then into the RCA jack on the side of your StoreCom BPA. From there you take a cord to the AUX input on your amplifier.
4. What is an universal handset?
    A universal handset can work on either a 300 series or 200 series intercom depending on how to hook the wires to circuit board inside the intercom. To hook up the handset for a 300 series the color code is (left to ride) white, red, white with green, black. For the 200 series, the color code is (left to right) black, red, white with green, white.
5. What order should the pigtails wires be in?
    On a 200 or 300 series intercom, the pigtails should go (left to right) White, black, red, green, yellow, blue. On a SC-3 back the pigtails are reversed: blue, yellow, green, red, black, white.   

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1. Can I order replacement parts?
    Of course! You can order any part of our intercoms. Our biggest replacement part is the full handset.
2. How do I replace a handset?
    To replace a modular handset, simply unhook the cord from the jacket and put a new handset on. To replace a hardwired handset, pull the strain relief out of the bottom of the plastic body. Unscrew the terminal ends of the handset wires from the bottom of the circuit board.
3. What warranty do you offer?
   A 1 year limited warranty against defects. See the entire warranty here.  
4. How do I get my intercoms repaired?
    Call us! We can repair most intercoms for $40 flat fee, plus shipping. A page adaptor repair is $80 plus shipping. Call 1-800-356-0368 to arrange an RMA number.
5. What order should the pigtails wires be in?
    On a 200 or 300 series intercom, the pigtails should go (left to right) White, black, red, green, yellow, blue. On a SC-3 back the pigtails are reversed: blue, yellow, green, red, black, white.